Christian philosopher St. Augustine had a couple of things to say about time. First, he said that time was absolutely not infinite. Time was, according to him, created by God, and it’s impossible to create something that’s infinite.

He also said that time actually exists only in our mind, a bizarre conclusion that all has to do with how we interpret time. We may say that something lasted a long time or a short time, but St. Augustine said that there’s no real way to quantify that. When something is in the past, it no longer has any properties of being anything because it doesn’t exist anymore, and when we say something took a long time, that’s just because we’re remembering it that way. Since we only measure time based on how we remember it, then it must only exist in our memories. The future doesn’t exist yet, so that can’t have any measurable quantities, either. The only thing that does exist is the present (and that’s a complicated concept we’ll get to in a minute), so the only logical conclusion left is that time only exists in our heads.

10 Mind-Blowing Attempts At Explaining Time, 1/7/15

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