Living in a World Gone Seemingly Mad

Since this website started back in 2001 we have continued to do our best to lift the veils of illusion so that we may all be empowered to see. The truth about the world around us is out there, it is just up to each of us to find it and use the knowledge for the good of the whole. No, this is not a movie, this is life. For far too many people this life has become a nightmare as their struggle to survive in our country or in others is beyond their ability or comprehension.

We all are struggling to understand how the governments and so-called world leaders seem hell bent on destroying our collective health and freedom and what we can most effectively do about it.

Everyone is searching for answers; how has this happened, what is happening to each of us and what do we do to ‘fix’ it? Perhaps there is no way to ‘fix’ it, to fix anything collectively until there is a mass melt-down and the reality of what the ‘handlers/manipulators/greedy and powerful’ will also finally be touched by what they have done.

Surely it is becoming obvious that people all over the world have become beaten down, starved and used by this faction or that and have just had ‘enough’. In desperation, many are reaching out, or shrinking in, hurting themselves or others, demonstrating, taking action which may, or may not help themselves or others.

We have all been brainwashed and lied to, and manipulated and enslaved. The next step is for each of us to chose what we wish to do, in order to empower at least ourselves to step out of the matrix, so to speak.

The good news is that each of us is personally, totally responsible for our worlds. Maybe freedom means different things to different people, but to breathe the clean fresh air of ‘freedom’ means to break free, to think for ourselves, to cast away our belief systems, to not be afraid to step out of the box that we have allowed ourselves to have been put into.

As it is already our true nature, sovereignty is not something to be acquired; rather it is merely our birthright to awaken to. Without our at least unconscious consent, no one can take away our ability to spiritually walk tall again, to be able to look anyone in the eye and know that we are valuable and viable human beings who deserve respect as we extend respect to others. For mankind to evolve into a peaceful, creative, supportive future for all, each one of us has the opportunity to take stock of ourselves, our lives and our loyalties and make appropriate changes which are in tune with the whole.

Listen to wisdom from some of our elders: 1234; “In this time there will arise Osh-ki-bi-ma-di-zeeg, a new people who will emerge from the clouds of illusion. They will retrace their steps to find the treasures that had been left by the trail. The stories that had been lost will be returned to them.” The place is here; the time is now for each person to examine one’s life and actions and find a way back to peace and living in harmony with all things.

Grounding our Awakening in Sanity

Just like in the ‘Matrix’ movies, everyone who is reading these words has chosen or is in the process of choosing to take the Red pill. The bad news is: once taken, one can not return to the heavy mists of delusion. This is really the good news.

Once we have found out who we really are (and who we are not), there are a myriad of practical ways that we can demonstrate our awakening to personal freedom & sovereignty. All that is required is rising to the responsibility that self-honesty brings, along with knowledge of technologies that we can utilize to fulfill the integrity of our being.

Contrary to some mis-presumptions, there is no risk to being sovereign. Sovereignty is simply the choice and innate ability we all have to control our contracts with everyone around us and thus control our own property, starting with our own bodies and minds, being always in honor. In honor means never ignoring or arguing; instead, always accepting or conditionally accepting whatever is in front of us. Usually, whatever that is has nothing necessarily to do with anything else. There is never any need to remain unsure or confused or to act hastily. In all matters, the recommended course of action is: Get necessary groundwork laid; get educated; stay educated and handle deliberately whatever you find in front of you, one step at a time.

Learn to competently play the Game of Commerce and Be Free & Sovereign

Particularly, the above applies to all matters of commerce, including terminating debt, stopping foreclosure, eliminating income tax, repairing credit, going to court, protecting yourself and/or your children from the bullying trespasses of government intrusion and many, many other situations that are demanding our competent response.

One cannot successfully play the game without knowing the rules. The good news is, other than our brainwashing, there is nothing keeping us from knowing the rules. Everything is hidden in plain sight for those of us who have eyes that see.