There’s a type of mosquito, Aedes aegypti, known not only to spread certain diseases but to be resistant to most of the insecticides designed to keep their bites at bay. To remedy the situation, British biotech firm Oxitec has patented a method of mutating Aedes aegypti with coral, cabbage, and elements of the E. coli bacteria and herpes simplex virus genes.(1)

Translation: They’ve created a genetically-modified mosquito.

Even worse than their creation is the fact that, if the company has their way, the mosquitoes will be released in the Spring of 2015. Not in a lab environment or a controlled indoor area, but in public where people walk, work, play and shop. If the FDA approves, the GM mosquitoes will be released in areas thought to more susceptible to disease than most other areas; in particular, Oxitec has their eyes on the Florida Keys.

Biotech company prepares to release GM mosquitoes in Florida neighborhood, 2/19/15

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