Colorado state authorities give controversial gift to residents on New Year’s Day by making Colorado the first state in the US to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana.

On January 1st, Colorado becomes the first US state to license the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Buyers will each be allowed to purchase up to an ounce, and cannabis sales will be taxed by 25%, with much of the revenue put toward building new schools.

Because “cannabis tourists” are expected to flock from all over the world, the rest of the US will be watching the results closely.

Denver already has more licensed dispensaries for medical marijuana than it has Starbucks coffee shops. Regulated cannabis growing facilities supply the dispensaries, and are located in industrial estate warehouses, which are as legal as potato farms.

Sales of medical cannabis are currently legal in 20 states across the US. But in November last year, Colorado’s voters went further, passing a controversial law, Amendment 64, which allowed the sale of cannabis for recreational use.

Coloradans Able to Smoke Recreational Marijuana Starting from January 1st, 12/23/13

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