For the past twenty years we have been subjected to annual demonstrations of graphic art in the crop fields of England in particular and elsewhere.
They are created by lased microwaves producing six inch pixels controlled by a computer.  The most likely perpetrator would be a research program operated out of Sheffield with a high security level.
The technology has been recently demonstrated in the USA on large aircraft and possibly on ships.  Its capability can be easily be surmised from its operation success in the various grain fields.  The device is able to sustain rapid pulsing and also shift targets through each pulse, while delivering sufficient energy to flash heat the stems close to the ground.
Thus a high flying B-52 could individually injure hundreds of soldiers on the ground in one pass effectively making them hors de combat.
My point is that my own confusion lasted only so long as no one bothered to report properly the pixel nature of the images.  Everything else supports the above scenario.
My point is that any physicist could have made the same observations and reached the same conclusion.  Their lack of curiosity speaks loudly to the fact that most simply know what it all is and are conjoined by military security.

Crop markings are still a puzzle in scientific circles, 6/23/10

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