In light of the shaky economy, people are stressed about spending – and under stress, many resort to poor eating habits with diets high in sugar. But by changing dietary routines, you can limit and avoid tooth fillings and costly treatments like crowns and root canals, while bringing more health and balance to your body.

Ramiel Nagel began investigating the cause of tooth decay after his one year old daughter developed a brown spot on her tooth. Even while eating an all natural and organic diet without any processed sweets, Nagel’s daughter’s teeth rapidly began to disintegrate and decay. Rather than subject her to costly and overly invasive dental surgery, he chose to find a better way.

Through a successful cavities mineralizing program, reader feedback and four years of painstaking trial and error, Nagel’s daughter was pain free with strong teeth by the age of five. She was able to eat nuts and chew on ice cubes, all without any chemicals or dental treatments. Following the same program, Nagel healed four of his own cavities and avoided the dental drill.

Nagel then authored “Cure Tooth Decay”, a book based on the pioneering dental work of dentists Weston Price and Melvin Page.

Cure Tooth Decay Naturally By Identifying The Real Cause of Cavities

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