The story of the Detroit mother, Maryanne Godboldo, undergoing a police siege on her home after refusing to give her daughter a psychotropic drug has set off a national outcry. Many facts not only vindicate her defiance but point the finger squarely at the correct villains: the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries.

As a recap, on March 24 a Children’s Protective Services (CPS) case worker petitioned to remove Maryanne Godboldo’s 13-year-old daughter from her care and place her in state custody. Only two weeks on the assignment (scarcely knowing the girl), the case worker claimed the mother was medically neglecting her child by taking her off Risperdal – a highly toxic antipsychotic drug.

A police SWAT team, accompanied by the case worker, was promptly dispatched to the home – complete with assault weapons, an armored carrier and helicopter. Despite police breaking down her door, the mother refused to give up her daughter and allegedly fired a warning shot. After a 12-hour standoff, the woman surrendered.

This mother – a teacher, dancer and respected figure in Detroit’s art circles – was then jailed and arraigned on multiple felony charges. Maryanne was since released from jail but faces criminal charges. The child was essentially kidnapped by the police and CPS and placed in a juvenile psychiatric facility.

Detroit mother’s heroism sends message to all parents: Say “no” to child drugging, 4/26/11

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