The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ “Healthy People 2020” initiative states a goal of vaccinating 90% of the nation’s healthcare workers with the influenza vaccine annually by 2020,[1] a goal well underway. A separate DHHS goal aims to vaccinate 80% of all U.S. employees annually with the influenza vaccine by 2020.[2]

There’s no light at the end of this tunnel. With literally hundreds of new vaccines in the works,[3] there will always be another person to get a vaccine, and another vaccine to give each person. Taxpayers, through state and federal governments, pay: 1) Billions of dollars in subsidies to pharmaceutical companies for vaccines,[4] 2) Our state and federal representatives to pass laws mandating more vaccines for children and adults while restricting access to vaccine exemptions,[5] 3) For vaccines purchased by government health agencies,[6] and 4) Over $100 million annually to compensate vaccine injury and death victims and their families.[7] Vaccine manufacturers have no liability, yet these same companies routinely engage in criminal behavior that routinely results in criminal fines in the 100’s of millions of dollars–a billion dollars in some cases.[8]

We can expect more or the same unless and until we become legislatively active and get laws passed giving us the right to make informed vaccine choices. Meanwhile, here’s a look at what’s happening around the country with employee influenza vaccine mandates.

Employee Vaccine Mandates: Observations of a Vaccine Rights Attorney, 8/10/14

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