If you were to suggest to most Americans that certain government agencies either should not exist, or should be dramatically scaled back, chances are good you’d either get some weird stares, or stern insistence that life as we know it would end without such agencies.

Granted, some level of bureaucracy is necessary for a modern society, but in all honesty, many of us have been conditioned by media, academia and governments themselves to believe that without the heavy hand of regulation, the world as we know it would end, and end badly.

But just as requiring doctors, lawyers, hair stylists and mechanics to have all sorts of government licensing and certifications has not ended malpractice or poor legal representation and bad service, the existence of a plethora of government agencies micromanaging every aspect of our lives hasn’t led to flawless representation either.

What’s more, many of the same agencies exist at the federal, state and local levels, with responsibilities overlapping so much, that sometimes no one knows who is in charge.

Flint water contamination cover-up PROVES that both local and federal governments actively conspire to poison the population, 5/13/16

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