Ever find yourself sitting at the doctor’s office, for eons, and notice those guys in the suits with the briefcases? They don’t look sick. They look busy and important. They are the pharmaceutical companies’ drug reps, come to stalk and bribe your doctor into prescribing you some toxic chemicals to suppress symptoms of imbalance and disease. It is a legalized money racket, and it’s gotten so powerful it has virtually made common sense in the medical industry extinct.

Doctors work hard in med school. We see those dramas on network t.v. that show us just how much they go through, all the hours, tests, trials, and expense, the extra years of school. Almost all of them start out their careers deeply in debt. It costs around a quarter of a million dollars or more to become a doctor in the United States these days. This is how and why it started out being okay to be after the big bucks as a doctor. The Hippocratic Oath the doctors and other professionals of the health care industry take is so old and old-fashioned, many view it as more tradition or pomp and circumstance than a true binding ethical oath meant to guide and define their actions. It talks about “harming none” and swearing against “deadly medicine” and not “cutting for stone.” How could ANY doctor in today’s broken system uphold that oath? And, doctors are smart. They have to be to get through all that school. So it’s natural to defer to them when talking about your health challenges and what can be done to improve them. Unfortunately, this has fed a well publicized “God Complex” in many of today’s health care professionals. They don’t care to be questioned, or to explain themselves. Like lots of well-to-do politicians, the infallible doctors won’t tolerate clients who don’t realize how lucky they are to have received their attention, and they aren’t generally open to discussions on alternative treatments or second opinions.

Is your doctor receiving Big Pharma payoffs? Here’s how to find out, 7/21/13

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