I am often asked if it is time to leave the United States because it has becoming too totalitarian. My answer has been that it depends on the individual and his circumstances, but I haven’t  given a blanket “Get out of the United States” advisory.

I am still not prepared to give that warning, however, I am now advising that your money be moved outside the US banking system. Within the last 24 hours, I have learned of two major banks that are making it difficult for you to send international wires or draw out large amounts of cash. Both JPMorganChase and HSBC USA have instituted new policies which will make it difficult for you to withdraw your funds in certain ways. This is not good. There are apparently some workarounds relative to these policies, but just try setting up those workarounds when you want to move your money during some kind of panic.

IT IS TIME: Move Your Money Out of the US Banking System, 10/19/13

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