You’ve probably heard the advice that eating healthier, exercising and relieving your stress – all facets of a healthy lifestyle – can help you to prevent and even treat diseases.

But perhaps you haven’t really taken it to heart. The problem is that this knowledge doesn’t always translate into actions, and rather than starting an exercise program or drinking a freshly prepared green vegetable juice, many visit their physicians and receive a prescription for medication.

Even many physicians neglect to tell their patients about the simple and, oftentimes, free changes they can make to dramatically improve their health, simply because they have been brainwashed by the conventional system and are convinced that drugs are part of the, if not the sole, answer for virtually any health condition.

Sometimes It Is Better to Skip the Medication

There are clearly some cases where medications are useful and even lifesaving. I am not opposed to medication – provided it is used correctly and only when necessary. And that latter point is key. Medications are often promoted as necessary when they actually aren’t.

Just Say No: When It Makes Sense Not to Take Your Medicine, 10/31/13

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