You must watch this talk, even if some parts are a bit technical for mere mortals. No matter how bad you think the NSA’s information surveillance and capture is, I can just about guarantee that this will show you that it’s an order of magnitude worse than you imagined.

Jacob Appelbaum makes clear that the degree to which the NSA not only controls the Internet but on a routine basis inserts all sorts of surveillance tools into not just computers and smart phones but also communications infrastructure. He also provides an extensive list of service providers, manufacturers, and devices that have either been compromised or are active collaborators.

Appelbaum debunks the idea that you as an individual can take comfort in the idea that you are too small and insignificant to be of notice to the NSA…

If nothing else, watch the section starting at 48:30. Oh, and in case you missed it, the NSA can compromise “air gapped” (as in never connected to the Internet) computers. And don’t miss the part that starts at 56:00.

Microwave Love: How The Post Office and NSA Track Your Every Move, 12/31/13

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