There has been a lot of buzz about a strongly worded decision by the New York Second Appellate Division in the Bank of New York v. Silverberg. This is yet another ruling against MERS, but its implications are narrower than some commentators have suggested. It is critical to note that MERS in theory is a mortgage registry, which means whatever authority it has (a matter still being sorted out), it extends to the lien only. MERS has repeatedly said in depositions it was not a lender and has no rights to the note, the borrower IOU. Thus since in most states the note is the critical instrument (the lien is a “mere accessory”), the party foreclosing needs to be a holder of the note (that actually means more than mere possession, you need to be a party of interest, in some states).

New York State Appellate Court MERS Smackdown: Another Nail in the Coffin, 6/14/11

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