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Credit reporting agencies operate under the same rules of commerce as everybody else. As always, it is wise to take a breath, get groundwork laid, get educated, stay educated and handle deliberately, step by step, whatever is in front of you. See below to shortcut your process in getting up to date regarding elevating you credit score.

Debt is one of the biggest worries for most families and small businesses Qualified professionals may have solutions to help set you free from debts forever through debt elimination. Not debt consolidation, not debt management–debt elimination! It’s real and thousands of people just like you have taken back their life through debt elimination. The process is legal and ethical.Now you can assume control of your own corporation as is your legal birthright. In todays extreme challenges on all levels, the one thing you can do is to try to get rid of your debts to free up money for the basics and you can start now. (What can you do facing a world-wide recession/depression?) Besides stocking up on supplies and all the basic survival suggestions, also make sure your debts are taken care of so you are debt-free. Our debt elimination program is one way to do this.

NOTE: There are many pages on the website with information and ‘samples’ of things that people may have used in the past, but please do not attempt anything by yourself, only an expert can supply educational programs that have the latest, ‘up-to-date’ information.


Credit Repair Secrets

If you’re like most Consumers, your problem right now is that you DON’T know “HOW” the system works. For example…

Are you aware that the credit report banks and businesses get to see has about TWICE the financial information compared to the credit report you receive from the credit bureaus?

That’s right. In most cases, the credit bureaus send a much more detailed report to businesses than they send to you. A bit deceiving, isn’t it?

This is why banks and businesses (except mortgage lenders) will NEVER give you a copy of “your” credit report. Nope. They’ll look you in the face and tell you to request your own copy from the credit bureau (If you don’t believe me, next time you get turned down for credit, ask them for a copy of your credit report and see what they say).

The credit system is full of “little secrets” like this. Most people find them frustrating. However, I enjoy showing consumers like you how to take each one of these secrets and use it to your advantage. For example…

Regardless of your current credit situation, I’ll show you how it’s possible to delete negative items off your credit report, fill your wallet full of credit cards and build a credit score so high even your banker will be impressed!

Like many of my clients, don’t be surprised if your friends and family begin begging you to take their money to help them build their credit once they see how you’re able to “work” the system. Believe it or not, fixing and building your credit is just like anything else in life; It’s Easy – Once You Know How…

I love revealing the secrets of the credit system so people like you can gain an unfair advantage in the financial world. It’s very rewarding. More importantly, I cherish the phone calls I receive from clients who have been able to turn their lives around by getting approved for the Cars, Homes, Credit Cards and Business Loans they never thought they could get.

Let’s face it. We’ve all had some credit problems in the past, but don’t let it get you down. If you can read this letter then you have what it takes to learn every secret I will share with you in an exciting new credit repair service called “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service”. With “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” you are going to learn:

Five secrets every Woman must know before signing any credit application (if you’re married you’ll want to read this first!).

The “3-Step System” some Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics charge $4,000.00 to repair your credit (and how you can easily do it yourself once you know how!

Three simple secrets to start getting dozens of “Pre-Approved” credit cards in your mail box (powerful facts about how cell phones, mail boxes and moving affect your credit report!).

Why paying off your credit cards in full each month actually gives you LESS credit (learn exactly how much to charge and how much to pay each month to build your credit as fast as possible. Most bankers don’t even know about this financial strategy!).

The TRUTH about those “Free Government Money” ads you see and the two things you must know BEFORE claiming your share (info that’s worth it’s weight in gold!).

All about your Credit Score (Fico, Beacon and Empirica) and every little tactic you need to “Shoot it through the roof” (use these secrets to save up to $5,496.00 on your next car and up to $98,301.60 on your next home!)

Copy and mail this one short letter that’s guaranteed to STOP all harassing collection agency calls forever (special Federal law bill collectors hope you never discover!).

How to save up to $100,000 or more in mortgage interest without refinancing (a must have secret for current homeowners and first time home buyers!).

For The First Time Discover How Easy it is to “Work The System” With More Insider Secrets Found NOWHERE ELSE Except “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service”.

How to DOUBLE any credit card limit with 2 phone calls (these could be the best two calls you will make this year!).

The incredible “Piggyback Method” to get up to 10 years of excellent credit history added to your credit report in less than 90 days (another one that can be worth the entire cost of the course!).

What banks and credit card companies don’t want you to know about bankruptcy (good news if you’re thinking about filing Chapter 7 and great news if you already have!).

The stone cold facts you need to know about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (a must read for anyone even considering this option!).

How consumers like you have erased 100% ACCURATE bad credit from their credit reports in 30 days (top secret info the credit bureaus don’t want you to know!).

Two “Unique Letters” you can use to PAY OFF your bills for as little as 27 cents on the dollar (Don’t even think about calling Consumer Credit Counseling or filing Bankruptcy until you see this!).

One easy phone call that will slash your credit card payments in half (a life saver if you are “up to your neck” right now!).

Why being self-employed hurts your credit report and the easy remedy to get around this discrimination (plus lower your taxes to boot. You may fire your Accountant for not knowing this clever insider technique!).

How to buy the car of your dreams right now regardless of your current credit situation (life is too short to NOT drive your dream car – now you can!).

How to get a checking account in “one week” even if you’ve been reported to Chex Systems (No more hassling with money orders!).

The “One Way” consumers have created a brand new alternate credit file in one month without changing their current social security number (highly controversial but extremely effective. Successfully used by consumers to BURY Bankruptcy, Tax Liens and Student Loans).

“Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” contains more step-by-step, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use insider consumer credit secrets than any other credit repair service on the market. In fact, the information in “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” is so powerful, we have to disclose to you upfront that it is sold for educational purposes only.

If you don’t already know, I’ll be the first to tell you that the banks, finance companies, bill collectors and credit card companies are the BIGGEST crooks in the world. If you don’t know the secrets you will learn as a member of “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” you will pay tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars in extra bills, interest and fees etc. Your money will be wasted (down the drain) for no reason other than you don’t join “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service”.

Banks and other institutions who take your money, ruin your credit or deny you the money you need are very powerful organizations. They make a business out of hurting people like you to make more money for themselves. And, the more they hurt you financially, the more powerful they become. But they won’t be able to hurt you anymore! When you enroll with “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” I’ll show you how to stop them dead in their tracks!

Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics LOVE Mis-information. Banks and credit bureaus want you to believe that once your credit report is scarred with bad credit marks there is NOTHING you can do about it. They will tell you THE ONLY THING that can repair a bad credit report is time.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Attorneys and Credit Repair Clinics love this kind of misinformation. It’s this mis-information that keeps consumers signing up for their credit repair services year after year (to the tune of $795 a pop).

I don’t want to bash Credit repair Attorneys because some of them actually do a great job at fixing peoples credit reports. However, I do want you to know THE TRUTH about how they do it.


3 Little Secrets Credit Repair Attorneys DON’T Want You To Know…

Attorneys have 3 little secrets. It’s these 3 secrets that keep them in business. First, when it comes to ANY negative marks on your credit, the big secret they don’t want you to know is this…

THE ONLY NEGATIVE INFORMATION that CAN REMAIN on your credit report is NOT what is accurate, but what the Credit Bureaus CAN PROVE TO BE ACCURATE under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. (you may want to read that again)

Second, they know that the “burden of proof” falls on your Creditors and the Credit Bureaus and NOT you.

Third (this is the real key), they understand how to write correspondence (a fancy term for LETTERS) that makes this “burden of proof” very difficult for your creditors and the credit bureaus to prove.

And, anything your creditors and the Credit Bureaus CAN’T PROVE must be permanently REMOVED from your credit reports-it’s the law!

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a consumer protection law that makes this all possible. Fortunately (for you), it was written in your favor and NOT that of your creditors or the Credit Bureaus.

The problem is that almost nobody ever learns how easy it is to take advantage of it. So, why am I sharing this with you? It’s quite simple. With “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” you can improve your credit better and faster without having to pay $4,000.00 to an Attorney.

Save at least $2,000.00 Instantly With “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service”

Attorneys would like you to believe the only way to fix your credit is through them. The truth is you can improve your credit better and faster yourself. Again, I don’t want to bash Attorneys…

If you are a busy person who has more money than time than an Attorney may be the ticket for you (feel free to call our offices for a referral). However, if you’re like most folks, you will do better, a lot better, on your own. Here’s why…

The REAL power of their service is in THEIR LETTERS not the fact they are doing “the work” for you!

I believe the Federal Trade Commission agrees with me on this with the following quote: “Everything a Credit Repair Clinic can do for your legally, you can do for yourself at little or no cost”.

All the power is in their letters. The letters simply leverage THE LAW in your favor. If you have THEIR LETTERS it does NOT matter whether a high powered Attorney mails them or if a high school drop out mails them!

To prove this point, years ago I had a client who was using a Credit Repair Attorney. Having paid $4,000.00 she was curious and didn’t think it was “out of line” to request the letters they were using since she was paying good money for the service. Can you guess what the Attorney told her? They sent her a letter stating…

“We are unable to share our letters with our clients as they contain proprietary trade secrets to our service”

The Credit Repair Attorney knew that if she had the letters (and some basic knowledge) she would no longer need them because the real power wasn’t in their service – it was in THEIR LETTERS!


$4,000 Worth of Attorney Created Credit Repair Letters – FREE!

With “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” you are going to have every letter you need to get started fixing your credit fast. These are the same concepts Attorneys use!

We had to pay our Legal Counsel over $4,000.00 to draft these letters and now…They’re yours FREE!

In some cases you could be just a few postage stamps and envelopes away from solving ALL your credit problems. It’s happened to other clients and it could happen to you! These letters are that powerful.

You’ll also receive easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to how to use these letters for your own personal situation. These letters and proven strategies will have your creditors and the credit bureaus literally “wrapped around your pinky” trying to validate and verify every minute detail on your credit report. And remember…

Anything they can’t validate 100% will have to be PERMANENTLY removed from your credit report – IT’S THE LAW! –

You will be amazed at the potential of these letters to delete negative items from your credit report fast. Remember, we guarantee it!


What Satisfied Clients Are Saying About “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service”

I could talk for hours about all the different amazing life-changing information found in “The Credit Secrets Bible”, but this is the point where I believe it’s best for me to just “shut my trap” and let a few of our satisfied clients do the talking:


I am very impressed to say the least. I’ve tried all kinds of credit stuff, credit card brokers, and the like and this is the only one that has actually helped me get credit. Thanks again Ria Castella, New Jersey

I was a welfare recipient living from check to check when I purchased your system on borrowed funds from my mother. I was skeptical but desperate and I figured that if you could do it then I could. To make a long story short I got my first credit card for $2,000. The week after that I got one for $1,300. I average about and just two days ago I got another one for $3,750. I just want to say thank you. I literally went from broke housewife to now having some financial freedom. I’m still amazed Allison McLaughlin, Georgia

Thanks to you. I’m so excited. If it weren’t for a friend of mine who’s got a brand new credit file, I wouldn’t have bothered. Thanks for being real. Vern Hughes, Illinois

My first credit card was $700. My second credit card was $400. My third credit card was $1,750. Just thought I’d keep you posted on my progress. Kevin Sinclair, New Jersey

Thank you for making a strong impact on my life. I am completely impressed with your services. Both my husband and I began working the program. It’s very easy to understand and very easy to work the steps. Thank you for that. Anyway we’ve been doing this now for almost a month and so far, like you said, we’ve already passed the $10,000 mark. Thank you so much. I appreciate everything you’ve done. Kimberly Bryant, Ohio

This valuable information really changed my life. I was laid up from my job as a truck driver because I hurt my back. I was worried that I’d lose everything. Then I got your little letter deal in the mail, ordered it and now I’ve gotten over $7,000 in credit so far! If I can do it, anyone can do it. P.S. Never did I think the day would come where most of my days would be spent on the water fishing without a worry while my back heals. Jim Atkinson, Florida

Thank you for your incredible business. By far this is the best credit system that I’ve had the pleasure of coming across. I’ve failed with others before but as soon as I started using yours I started getting credit left and right. No second-guessing, no trying to figure anything out. That’s what I loved the most about it. It’s a complete system like you said. Thanks for finally helping me rebuild my credit! Kent R. Wallace, Massachusetts

“Using several techniques in `Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” I was able to raise my credit score 40 points. This 40 points allowed me to secure a mortgage rate 2% lower than before. On a 30 year mortgage this is going to save me over $50,000!”. John Jenko, California

“Having no credit I couldn’t get approved for anything. I had to put up $500 just to get a cell phone. Then I ordered your package and quickly read the manual and listened to the audio program several times. I was amazed by all the inside info I learned. I quickly began applying the techniques and less than 18 months later I have built up over $18,000 in unsecured credit. This stuff works if you work it”. Tyrone, Jackson Michigan

Let Me Show YOU How to SAVE up to $102,430.11. Knowing What Your Neighbor DOESN’T!

If you only get one thing out of this letter today, let it be this; if you’re like most people, the two biggest purchases you will EVER make in your life will be your DREAM CAR and your DREAM HOME. Right?

With the “Credit Secrets Education and Consulting Service” you can save up to $102,430.11 (or more) on just these two purchases alone. How? By learning the secrets to building a great credit report and qualifying for the lowest interest rate.

Here’s how: let’s say the loan amount on the car you buy is $20,000 and the payments are for 5 years. With great credit versus bad credit you will save $5,496.00 on your car alone!

Now let’s talk about your dream home… Let’s say the loan amount on the home you buy is only $200,000 and the payments are for 30 years. With great credit versus bad credit you will save $96,934.11!

As you can see, between your dream car and your dream home your bad credit will cost you $102,430.11! This is $102,430.11 banks will make off you just because you won’t qualify for the lowest interest rates due to your credit status. Don’t be like the uninformed and let this happen to you…credit can be repaired.


Learn to play the commerce game and streamline your process and repair your credit.

Know that we do not sell, give away, or give out, or use your e.mail/phone number or name to anyone else!

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