Seeking empowerment to eliminate credit card debt?

Valid strategies exist to address issues of and even terminate or eliminate credit card debt. With the intention of credit card debt elimination, it is always wise to take a breath, get groundwork laid, get educated, stay educated and handle deliberately, step by step, whatever is in front of you. See below to shortcut your process in getting up to date regarding effectively handling your credit card debt. Why think ‘debt consolidation’? Ethical and legal debt solutions exist which can more aptly be labeled as outright credit card debt elimination or credit card debt termination. Terminate or eliminate your debt legally and ethically.

Banks do Not issue Loans

Banks lend none of their own, nor their depositor’s, monies. They risk nothing. Instead, they devalue the dollar by using the accounting technique of creating new money, which adds to (ie, waters down, devalues) the current money supply/notes in circulation.

The process used by banks when they issue a loan is: 1) debit Notes Receivable (asset account) and 2) credit Deposits (liability account). Did you notice they did not credit cash? Interesting, don’t you think? This information is found in the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s publication, “Modern Money Mechanics.” This process applies to all bank loans, whether it is personal credit card, commercial line of credit, home mortgage, home equity line of credit — basically, anytime a bank lends any form of credit, in any capacity!

This is different from you asking for a loan from a friend or family member, who may have saved and scrimped their whole life to accumulate the money. The money you borrow from them was not “created” by an accounting entry. The same applies to a Land Sale Contract, which is done outside, and without the use of, banks or mortgage lenders.

Credit card debt elimination is made possible by understanding the basic rules of commerce and staying in honor with full integrity.

Dealing with an original creditor? Ask them questions.

Perfect your own claim. Stay in honor. Utilize negative averments rather than positive statements, so that any and all proofs have to be supplied by them; not you. Turn any arguments you may be inclined to make into conditional acceptances. As long as you stay in the game until the game is over and don’t abandon your own claim, you win. Ask questions. There are plenty that they will never answer.

Was that so-called loan application I signed and actual promissory note, a negotiable instrument? Is that what funded the so-called loan? Have any charge-offs been made regarding the alleged account? Have any insurance claims or tax write-offs been made? At the time the alleged original contract was executed, were all parties apprised of the meaning of the terms and conditions of said alleged original contract? Were all parties apprised that said alleged contract was a private credit instrument?, etc.

Eliminate credit card debt by using well placed questions which challenge the bank to answer to you; not the other way around. You’re the one in charge.

3rd Party Debt Collector? Tell them to Prove their Contract with You

You have no agreement, no contract, with the third party debt collector. When you obtained the alleged debt, you may have been informed that your creditor had the right to assign the account; however, according to contract law, they would have to disclose the actual party they would be assigning the contract to at the time of the inception of the contract. This is because YOU, the other original party to the contract, have the right to accept or reject, a third party. The contract was between two original parties, you and the original creditor. A third party debt collector is acting as an unauthorized intervenor. When the original creditor sells and/or assigns your account to a 3rd party, it is nullifying the original contract. It has received “accord and satisfaction,” by selling the account and taking a credit against its taxes. It may have also filed an insurance claim against your account.

“Just because Tom owes Dick does NOT mean that Harry can collect from Tom!” At least, not without Tom’s permission. Credit card debt elimination can be accomplished by understanding that contract law and the basic, common sense rules of human relating are actually identical.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

…Totally — cancelled, terminated–legally. If you are heavily in DEBT to credit card companies, we can help you. Student loans or tax liens? Discharge these debts quickly, painlessly, legally and possibly without damaging your credit report.

Last year there were over 1.3 million bankruptcies, the majority caused by unmanageable credit card debt. What these credit card holders didn’t realize is that when banks approved their credit card and established their credit limit; the banks used the applicant’s name and signature to create the money to fund the card. So, in essence, it was their own money!

How can such a con game be allowed? A few generations back, just as a new Congress and President were about to take office, and when many congressmen had left Washington, DC for their Christmas holiday, laws drafted by international bankers to set up the Federal Reserve System were passed hurriedly with little debate. Most people do not realize this, but the Federal Reserve also owns and controls the IRS. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation and IS NOT a part of the government. The Federal Reserve is no more “Federal” than Federal Express.

Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions advertise that they are in business of lending money, but this is so false that their own accounting system shows that the exact opposite is true. Knowledge is our strength and we show you how to use it to your advantage in correcting predatory lending practices and actually eliminating credit card debt.

In the past few years, we’ve helped many folks, just like you, to lawfully and morally “unload,” terminate, “zero-out” and CANCEL millions of dollars in credit card debts. If you’ve been looking for a way out of debt, you’ll discover valuable facts very few Americans know, knowledge you can use to get started now canceling your credit card debt!

Does that sound incredible to you? That you could actually eliminate credit card debts and never make another payment? More than a few of the people who have come to us for help have felt that way, too: It just takes a willingness to see the truth behind the illusion and the courage to take back your power…

When I called you about debt termination, the very idea sounded pretty crazy. But, I’d about run out of options, so I decided to go for it. Sure does feel good to have 70K of debt off my back! Thanks!” — Steve B., Missouri

Like Steve, when we first heard there was a way to “terminate” credit card debts, we thought it sounded almost too good to be true! Our friend, Gabrielle, had told us how she had eliminated $20,000 in credit card debt. We did a little “research” before we dismissed the notion as a crazy idea! We were amazed!

Eliminate Credit Card Debt and More

Bankruptcy laws have changed. Many former bankruptcy attorneys have gone on to other legal arenas. This is not about bankruptcy. This has nothing to do with “debt counseling” or reduced payment plans! Not about consolidation or management of your credit card debts. This is about not making payments right away and making them pay for lying to you. Learn how the banks really work and how the entire money system has been rigged. You’ll be surprised and maybe a little upset! But we’ll help you turn it to your advantage with easy to follow steps.

How are these program different from bankruptcy? What our programs provide is more than debt forgiveness. There are multiple tools to take back your power as an individual, as a human being. And perhaps your dignity. Bankruptcy requires you to tacitly admit that you screwed up. These program uses the law and statutes to obtain your freedom and take back the power you don’t even know about yet. Some people have the lenders pay for the program You finally owe nothing for the program and sweet justice prevails.

“I was facing bankruptcy. It was going to be embarrassing, and humiliating. After working with you I eliminated over $50,000 of credit card debt and over $20,000 of secured debt. You helped me understand the TRUTH about our banking system and the fraud. Your support was incredible. Thank You.” — Bruce W., California

These are several procedures that can be used administratively to eliminate credit card debt on both the public and private sides.

It is important to know the difference between the private and the public, because we all have private and public identities and we can handle private and public affairs from the private, but we cannot handle private affairs from the public. This latter is one of the biggest mistakes many people make when trying to handle their commercial and lawful (private) or legal (public) affairs.

In our society, the private ‘Strawman’ was created by the application for the birth certificate; it is an international vessel in maritime law. The public STRAWMAN was created by the application for the Social Security card; it is the national vessel in the law of admiralty.

John Doe is a non-resident alien in relation to the public. He exists in the republic. He has inalienable rights and unlimited liabilities. JOHN DOE is a U.S. citizen. He exists in the democracy. He has benefits and obligations and limited liability.

In the private, money is an asset and always in the form of something that has intrinsic value, i.e. gold or silver. Payment for anything is in the form of commercial set off, now. In the public, money is a liability and normally in the form of a promissory note, i.e. an FRN, a check, bond or note. Payment is in the form of discharge; in the future.

The private realm is the basis for all contract and commerce; the public was created by the bankruptcy of the private entity. Generally, creditors can operate from the private. Public entities are all debtors (or slaves). Therefore, it is good to learn how to be a creditor in all of our affairs. Freedom is possible in the private.

First you must understand that in our money system on the public side, there are no funds because there is technically, no money. There is only debt and debt instruments that are used in place of money. They used your name to create a trust with themselves named as trustees, and they have used that trust as collateral on the national debt. That collateralization is in an asset account for the trust after it was monetized on the world money market. YOU have rights as the trustor and can leanr how to take that trust back under your control. Under your control you can address public debts drom the private side and potentially discharge or set off and settle the debt.

One way to see this in action is notice how the “System” maintains the illusion by artifice and deception. Look at your checkbook. How did they present your name? ALL CAPS. Odd, isn’t it? Then try to have them CHANGE that to normal capitalization of the first letters of your name. They CAN”T do it because their data input will not permit that. The bank personnel will be unaware of why. Do they insist on ALL CAPS because they would like to be very clear and allow no mistakes? The clue to that answer is in the line on which you sign your name. It’s not a line. It’s nearly microscopic words, fine print, some of the finest fine print you might ever encounter. It generally says something like “ONLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE”.

If you are familiar with the corporate world, you know that only AUTHORIZED personnel are permitted to sign corporate checks. The AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVE of the corporation alone has this role. So you the human being has been given authority to sign the checks of your trust, which is an incorporated entity, a fiction.

For over 125 years, corporations have had many of the attributes of human citizens. Making a fictitious entity that has real attributes of a living person in the law, they can deceive the real humans whose names they have appropriated from their birth certificates. The birth certificate represents an Official Certificate of Manufacturer that in the hands of the government can be pledged on a debt, the national debt. The IRS is the collection agency for this pledge. Its roots are not in the United States Code but in the necessity of the Federal Reserve and its parent corporation, the IMF, to collect on the debt instrument they hold. This ALL CAPS name is how the US corporation, State corporation, County corporation, or School District corporation can communicated with you through this Corporate YOU.

The Constitution says that they cannot levy a tax directly on the citizens of a State. So they don’t. They levy a tax on a corporation which they control and send the bill to wherever you reside knowing that you will never figure it out. And you will pay and pay obediently.

Similar to The Matrix, you are trapped in a system that extracts your energy through a fiction and fools the real you into identifying with that fiction. As long as you identify with that fiction they can continue to control the real you in many ways because you are chattel for their purposes. Your children can be taken away, sent off to fight in wars, forced to bow to the demands of the System.

It’s all commerce. That’s why witnesses testify in the “dock.” That’s why the flag displayed in the courtroom has all the braid and trim. It’s an admiralty court that administers the law of commerce on the public side. As in all of commerce, there is a private side of our judicial system as well, and you can learn how to handle public matters from the private side, even in court.

Secret Weapon Against Lawsuits, the IRS, and More!

Banks rarely go to the trouble and expense of attempting to sue someone who has stopped paying on their credit cards, and that’s under normal circumstances! When they know you have evidence that they’ve violated Federal law it’s very unlikely that they will file suit. They must obey the regulations that prevent predatory lending in consumer protection laws.

Learn to play the commerce game and streamline your process and eliminate your debt

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