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Tax Freedom is a necessary part of maintaining your sovereignty and exercising your inalienable rights. Put yourself in honor. Perfect your own claim via notary presentment and self-executing contracts that can undo real or presumed dishonors of the past. State tax agencies get their power via the Buck Act from the IRS. The IRS is just another 3rd party debt collector.
It is possible to prevent state and IRS tax liens and levies; it is possible to terminate or eliminate an existing state or IRS lien or levy. See below to shortcut your process in getting up to date regarding eliminating income tax liens.

A letter from a moral superior:

The 29th day of February, The Year of our Lord 2011 A.D.

His Especial Sovereign Doth deign to sendeth greeting to: A Vile Creature

To: Ms. Maureen Green
Internal Revebue Service

Greetings, XXXX X XXXXX, bloodsucker, fool & thief:

Read now, the words of Anthony L. Hargis, thy legal & moral superior (without doubt) & Especial Sovereign, one who earneth his living & approves not of bloodsuckerism, foolishness or thievism. He approves not, that is, of thee.

It hath cometh to His Especial Sovereign’s attention that thou aret up to no good; viz., that thou art a dunderhead for this false process can do thee no good; for, upon its face, it doth not bear the mark of a judge, nor doth it show the name of a private person who doth complaine of a wrong, nor also, doth it complaine of a wrong, nor, alas, doth it complaine of the commission of a crime – unless refusal to support a society of beasts, brutes & vile creatures be a crime. These faults, either of them, do make thy process false & therefore, whatsoever information is gained by it, can, in no way appear in any court proceedings.

It is thus that His Especial Sovereign supports His charge that thou art a fool, that thou behavior art worthy of a monkey. And since thou art a fool, His Especial Sovereign is greatly confident thou wilt cause court action in which He may prove, beyond a scintilla of doubt, His other two contentions: that thou art a bloodsucker & thief.

Let thee be advised, therefore, that deep within the bosom of His Especial Sovereign, there doth lurk feelings of great animosity toward these ego substitutes of putrid creatures; & they can be purged not without the destruction of those that thrive & prosper upon bloodshed, stupidity & sores. Farewell, XXXX X XXXXX, v.c.

From the Quill of Jonathan Henry Doe, H.E.S.

IRS Shortcomings

The first page of the Internal Revenue Code says that it “is not the law. It is (merely) presumed to be the law. This presumption is rebuttable upon production of prior unrepealed Acts of Congress at variance with the Code.” That translates that in the event of a conflict between the IRC and the underlying Statutes at Large (i.e. the chronological list of Acts of Congress), Statutes at Large wins.

Statutes at Large: Chapter 736, Public Law 83-591 (1954) states: “It is hereby enacted by the United States of America in general Congress assembled, That the following may be cited as the The Internal Revenue Code of 1954.” So Congress enacted a bunch of words which may be called by that name.

IRS, before liening (i.e. making a claim on) and levying (i.e. taking) the property of someone who didn’t file a return, makes a Substitute For Return, but doesn’t sign the necessary Form 23C.

IRS, when mailing a Notice of Levy, cites 26 U.S.C. § 6331(b), but doesn’t cite § 6331(a) which states: “… Levy may be made upon the accrued salary or wages of any officer, employee, or elected official, of the United States, the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of the United States or the District of Columbia …”

When levying bank accounts, IRS doesn’t obtain a court order first.

When making a levy, IRS doesn’t tell the bank about Section 333.1 (10-29-79) of the IRS Legal Reference Guide for Revenue Officers, which states: “… it should be borne in mind that a levy requires that property levied upon be brought into legal custody through seizure. There must be actual or constructive physical appropriation of the property levied upon. Mere intent to reduce to possession and control is insufficient.”

IRS doesn’t have authority in any state party to the Constitution (i.e. outside federal territorial jurisdiction).

IRS is not an organization or agency of the Department of the Treasury or of the federal government, and fails to be part of the Department of the Treasury listed in 31 United States Code, Chapter 3, beginning on page 7.

IRS doesn’t publish any regulations governing “failure to file a return” in the Federal Register (as required by 44 U.S.C Chapter 15).

Very interesting, isn’t it?

This is a recorded meeting of County Commissioners with citizen participation, held on 08-08-2007 in Douglas County Oregon. Rae Copitka explains how the IRS gets the county recorders to stamp and record Notices of Federal Tax Liens, which are then enforced as if they are valid liens. The IRS then uses the recorder’s stamped copy of the recording as its only “evidence” of a lien. The IRS agent gets away because his name is not on the filing. The clerk can then be charged with securities fraud, because she converted the “notice” into a negotiable instrument.
IRS Fraud – Notice of Federal Tax Liens

Getting levied by the IRS is one of the most dreaded things about owing money to the government. Most people have no clue how to go about preventing levy action, but with a little education and by paying attention to the notices that you receive in the mail from the IRS, you can actually do quite a bit to prevent the IRS from levying you.
How to Prevent IRS Levy Action

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