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For a mortgage loan to be valid, the lender needs to be able to produce the paperwork. If the bank can’t produce the documents and the real owner of the loan can’t be identified, the contract is null and void. By telling a bank to “produce the note,” a homeowner can delay or stop foreclosure by forcing the lender to prove the suing institution has standing and is actually owns the note and the debt.
Most entities who are foreclosing do not have actual standing to do so – for one thing, they are very rarely the real beneficiary and holder of the Note. The term ‘foreclosuregate’ has become a mainstream issue. In judicial disclosure states, judges are increasingly demanding that standing be shown; in non-judicial states as well, more and more individuals are discovering public and/or private remedies to halt impending foreclosures. See below to shortcut your process in getting up to date in this very dynamic arena. Ethical and legal foreclosure remedies are available. Stop foreclosure in its tracks.

Foreclosure News

The propaganda from the banks has been far-reaching. Even if they devised a scheme to fraudulently throw away a homeowner’s hope at a modification, they are still pursuing the “deadbeat” homeowner argument. The essence is that the homeowner was not paying, so it doesn’t matter what happened after the homeowner defaulted.
Who is the DEADBEAT: Borrower or Bank?

It’s payback time—literally. In Florida, hundreds of homeowner and neighborhood associations are foreclosing on banks that have failed to upkeep their repossessed properties, according to—of all things— a CNN Money report. Florida is one of the states hardest hit by foreclosures, and there are nearly a half-million foreclosed houses now standing vacant and often slowly deteriorating. When a bank forecloses on a house, evicts the family and then repossesses the property, it also assumes responsibility for maintaining the home and yard and paying homeowner or condo association fees. Yet, some of the nation’s largest and richest banks have been unable or unwilling to upkeep their properties—prompting neighbors across Florida to declare enough is enough.
Payback! Hundreds of Homeowners Associations Threaten Banks with Foreclosure

The National Bank of Canada is attempting to foreclose upon hundreds of American families’ homes in California over old credit card debts, according to a published report.
National Bank of Canada foreclosing Americans’ homes over credit card debt

A Supreme Court -Washington State ruling has now put MERS Fraudclosures in the line of fire for all previous fraudclosure victims.
They can sue the banks for previous Fraudclosures through the “Consumer Protection Act.”
Supreme Court ruling of Washington State (Fraud) Foreclosure victims can sue the banks via “Consumer Protection Act”

Despite these and numerous other limitations on FTCA lawsuits, the federal government still pays out millions of dollars each year to compensate FTCA claims. So if you think you may have a valid claim, it may be worth pursuing. If you determine that you do have a valid FTCA claim, the next hurdle is to follow the prescribed steps for such claims, which include some strict time limits.
LIBOR Fraud Non-Valid Trust Foreclosure Defense

Massachusetts sued five major banks Thursday over deceptive foreclosure practices such as the “robo-signing” of documents, potentially undermining negotiations between lenders and state prosecutors across the nation over the same issue.
Massachusetts sues major banks over unlawful foreclosure practices such as robo-signing

It is apparent that the US government is so broke that it will do anything to pay its bills, including stealing Average Joe’s home. That’s change that both Barack Obama and Newt Gingrich can believe in.
Foreclosure Fraud in a Nutshell

Watch this video about  Foreclosure Fraud Factories.  Rep. Alan Grayson explains the ForeclosureGate crisis and tells us how much we have all been duped, used and abused by a corrupt mortgage system!


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