Open on a blank table with Jennifer’s Ontario Birth Certificate. A paper cut out of Jennifer as a baby pops out of the card and crawls over to her Health Card. A cut out of Jennifer as a child pops up from the Health Card and moves over with the camera to her Driver’s Licence. A cut out teenage Jennifer pops up and “drives” towards a Marriage Licence. Jennifer walks onto the marriage licence as a male cut out Brian pops up. The camera follows them as they walk side by side towards a wedding arch cut out that pops up.
Fictional Straw Family Debuts on YouTube Courtesy of Ontario Government

Seeking Empowerment regarding the Uniform Commercial Code and UCC forms?

On the public side, the UCC is the basic law of planet Earth – the codification of accepted and required procedures all people engaged in commercial activities must follow. The principles expressed in the code combine the means of dealing with substantive commercial activities with the means of dealing with presumptive commercial activities. The good news is these principles work as well for the people as they do for the bankers and tax agencies and DMVs, etc. who normally utilize these principals only to their own advantage. Isn’t it obvious that only by knowing the rules, can one ever competently play the commerce game? See below to shortcut your process in getting up to date in understanding and utilizing the rules of commerce.


Private vs. Public

It is important to know the difference between the private and the public, because we all have private and public identities and we can handle private and public affairs from the private, but we cannot handle private affairs from the public. This latter is one of the biggest mistakes many people make when trying to handle their commercial and lawful (private) or legal (public) affairs.

In our society, the private ‘Strawman’ was created by the application for the birth certificate; it is an international vessel in maritime law.

The public STRAWMAN was created by the application for the Social Security card; it is the national vessel in the law of admiralty.

John Doe is a non-resident alien in relation to the public. He exists in the republic. He has inalienable rights and unlimited liabilities.

JOHN DOE is a U.S. citizen. He exists in the democracy. He has benefits and obligations and limited liability.

In the private, money is an asset and always in the form of something that has intrinsic value, i.e. gold or silver. Payment for anything is in the form of commercial set off, now.

In the public, money is a liability and normally in the form of a promissory note, i.e. an FRN, a check, bond or note. Payment is in the form of discharge; in the future.

The private realm is the basis for all contract and commerce; the public was created by the bankruptcy of the private entity. Generally, creditors can operate from the private. Public entities are all debtors (or slaves).

Therefore, it is good to learn how to be a creditor in all of our affairs. Freedom is possible in the private; it is not even a valid fantasy in the realm of the public.


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