There are three types of “crimes”, however two of those should not be considered as such. Let me explain.

1) Crimes against so called natural rights, conferred by natural law. Natural rights are universal ethical rules, developed over thousands of years and e. g. to be found in the commandments of all large religions. These natural rights link the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) to the respect for private property- you shall not kill, steal, covet your neighbor’s house, use violence or offer violence against any other person except in self-defense etc. Nobody should be coerced into a contract and thus all contracts should be based on voluntariness. The victims of crimes against these natural rights are always individuals.

2) Crimes directed at the state with the state as “victim”. Examples are inter alia tax evasion, tax fraud, objection to military service (i.e. slave labor) and damaging or stealing state property.

3) Victimless crimes against state statutes and rules.

Let’s now scrutinize these three kinds of “criminal acts” more closely.

State Is Crime – While the vast majority of the “crimes” it enforces against us are anything but, 1/12/15

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