Conventional medicine’s explanations of HIV and AIDS are a medical myth at best; and outright quackery at worst. There is no such thing as a virus that “causes” AIDS, since the very definition of AIDS is widely disputed by scientists around the world. (And patients are often diagnosed with AIDS who have no HIV whatsoever.)

In conjunction with the release of the myth-busting documentary House of Numbers (, NaturalNews has pulled together a collection of fascinating quotes from top health authors and researchers who challenge conventional thinking about HIV and AIDS. If you’ve been suckered into Big Pharma’s lies about HIV and AIDS, you will find the information here absolutely shocking. What’s said here calls into question the entire basis of the “AIDS industry” with all their (failed) vaccines and patented prescription drugs.

It seems that the AIDS hoax is about to be publicly exposed. As the House of Numbers documentary explains, “a world without AIDS may be closer than you think.”

In fact, it may exist already.

This doesn’t mean that people aren’t suffering from very real immune suppression disorders; it just means the conventional mythology that attempts to explain the causes of this immune suppression is factually wrong. Read more below to learn the details…

The AIDS myth exposed: Why experts are challenging conventional AIDS mythology, 10/29/09

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