The old saying “April showers bring May flowers” has never been more true, particularly in the Texas Hill Country, which has received its fair share of rainfall accompanied by hot and humid temperatures. Unfortunately, wildflowers aren’t the only ones flourishing, as fleas and ticks also thrive in warm, moist environments. If you’re a pet owner, and anything like me, you absolutely dread this time of year, as it’s often the start of a long, arduous battle against fleas.

As a reader of Natural News, you likely already ditched the chemical treatments long ago. However, despite knowing the dangers, I personally have still used chemical treatments to combat fleas in my two pet cats, mainly because giving them a pill is a lot easier, and I thought, more effective. However, the latter is proving to be less and less true, as pests grow increasingly resistant to these chemicals.

In the past, I’ve tried several natural methods for combating fleas, including squeezing lemon juice all over my poor kitty. Needless to say, she did not appreciate that, and her discomfort was in vain, as the treatment did not work.

However, thanks to Dr. Will Falconer, a homeopathic veterinarian located here in Central Texas, I’m proud to announce that I’ve finally stumbled upon some non-toxic methods that effectively control fleas and ticks without harming your pets.

These nontoxic remedies kill fleas & ticks without harming your pet, 5/18/16

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