It has long been my position that if the criminal elite were successful in destroying America, as their last obstacle to world domination, they would be forced to follow a chronological three step plan:

  1. Begin the formation of a police state which would destroy the foundational values of the country (e.g. Constitutional protections, any semblance of Christian values, and the erosion moral decency where the perverse becomes the new normal). This would also be assisted by the overwhelming shift in population demographics with people foreign to American ways and this has, and is, being achieved by illegal immigration which our political leaders support.
  2. Forge a false-flag event(s) so volatile and horrific, that the implementation of a complete and authoritarian police state would follow. The police state will be so all-encompassing that George Orwell would be jealous. This is certainly well underway with the abuses of the BLM and EPA being perpetrated against farmers. The constant spying through the NSA is certainly a bold move in that direction. Intellistreets and the intrusiveness of Obamacare represent large steps forward toward a “Police State America”. In this second phase, the will of the people must be destroyed. All resistance must be crushed. When these goals are complete a President Hillary Clinton will help to usher in World War III
  3. Out of order comes chaos. World War III will usher the prime directive of the criminal elite, namely, depopulation. World War III will kill billions.

Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the NWO, 5/21/16

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