The elite are trusted placeholders sitting atop hierarchical structures that own or at least influence massive financial and physical resources whose husbandry they have been trained to manage. They are ultimately trained decision makers reacting to proposals that finally cross their desks. To assign them the ability to actually conspire to a common goal is laughable. What is not laughable is the ambition of deal makers to do the next bigger deal until size becomes its own problem.

There is no global conspiracy but there is plenty of evidence of short sighted thinking everywhere and a general lack of common cause unless an inspired leader pushes it. The counter example has been China. There a self replacing conspiracy of technocrats has steadily advanced the Chinese economy in order to ultimately employ everyone and provide all the services of a fully middle class nation.

Much of the difficulty globally is that we lack a foundational economic theory that makes core decisions self-evident. Instead we have an ongoing wrestle between Kleptocrats and Technocrats to the detriment of rapid precision development.

Understanding the Ruling Elite, 1/21/14

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