The older I get, the more I think that politics is a battle of the dictionaries.  Whoever has the best words, wins. The political movement I have been active in for 35 years is the contemporary revival of the movement that is responsible for most of what is good about the modern world.  Alas, today we are stuck with the ungainly term “libertarian”.  Is that why we are getting our asses kicked in politics? Don’t tell anyone, but I have a secret plan to recapture the beautiful and etymologically correct word that our movement was known by for a hundred years or more and still is in parts of Europe: liberal.

When I was a senior at St. Joe’s, I was voted “most liberal.”  I suppose that was based mostly on my anti-Vietnam War and pro-marijuana legalization views.  Although I was in those days a McGovernite Democrat, those views, anti-war and pro-individual liberty, were quite consistent with the original, historic liberal movement that tried to free the world from the old regime of kings, tyrants, dictators, emperors, feudalism and slavery and bondage of various kinds.  The great liberals of that era bequeathed to us numerous monumental intellectual and political accomplishments for which they get zero credit today:

War of the Words, 4/29/16

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