There is nothing that more clearly shows the arrival of this nation and the globe for that matter, into the realm of fascism at its very worst than this 60 minute video interview about this issue of this drug company’s  blatant and criminal disregard for human life, that they had the fiduciary responsibility to care for and protect in their profession of healing through medication in drugs.  Oh, its a British group drug co. If the Queen can’t take us back then simply kill us off.   Add to that the “CRIMINAL” failure of the FDA to do their job in seeing to it these companies do not function at this level of criminality.  But alas, a fascist state generally has the corporations manning and running the regulatory agencies who are suppose to protect the public.   We are truly on our own.  I am almost of a mind that these were not accidents.  Remember, the stock market (traders are also owners of these companies) has a new derivative in play now…. which BETS ON “WHEN SENIORS ARE GOING TO DIE” sort of like ‘shorting’ and then when they die by a certain date, then the short pays off.  Is that what this is?  A new derivative bubble?  I wonder if they are doing this on margin and outside of the SEC regulatory control????  Don’t you think someone should have brought that up and asked the question????  I think Dr. Mercola is being too nice with his title.  I would have said, “Drug companies now out perform automobiles for killing citizens” or something to that affect.

Why You Can’t Trust Drug Companies Like GlaxoSmithKline, 1/20/11

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